football player catch

Head Coach: Kevin Pope
Phone: 320-585-2120

Varsity Assistant Coach: Dylan Viss

B-Squad: Tim Cannon & Brandon Nelson

9th Grade: Brady Rose & Nate Copeland

8th Grade: Jim Greenwaldt

7th Grade: JD Huberty


  • IMPROVEMENT – Everyday, Every Way!!!
    • Improve your abilities, your attitude, yourself.
    • How much you improve is completely up to you.
    • We WILL be better at the end of the year than we were at the beginning & THAT’S WHEN IT COUNTS!
  • WORK ETHIC – Being the best you can is not easy!!!
    • The harder you work, the more you will improve.
    • We will NEVER be outworked: not in practice, not in game.
  • DETERMINATION – Mental Toughness!!!
    • We will experience adversity; we must deal with it positively.
    • You cannot improve by stopping when things get difficult.
  • DEDICATION – Commit yourself!!!
    • You will get out of life what you put into it.
    • Dedication is not just for your own betterment, it is for the team as a WHOLE. We are only as good as our weakest man.
  • CONFIDENCE – Be confident in you!!!
    • Be confident in your abilities, and in yourself.
    • More Improvement = More Confidence
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Take responsibility for YOU!!!
    • We are all going to make mistakes, but if you don’t own up to yours, you will never improve on them. Don’t make the same mistake twice!
    • You can always control what you do.
  • INTEGRITY – Do the right thing!!!
    • Do what you know is right, even when nobody is watching
  • FOOTBALL FAMILY- Help each other, Push each other!!
    • ​This is more than teamwork, it is a family.
      • EVERYONE involved with Tiger Football is part our Football Family…we always look out for each other.

Tiger Football Expectations

  1. The Tiger Way: It is how a championship culture is going to be built, so buy in.
  2. Be on Time. Practice STARTS at 3:40.
  3. Be a Positive Pillar in school & the community. As football players you are a big deal: people are going to recognize you & look up to you. Be sure you are sending the right messages. You represent all of us.
  4. Next man up. EVERYONE needs to be ready to play, if an injury happens the next man up is expected to fill in immediately & adequately.
  5. Communicate with coaches and teammates. As coaches, we will clearly communicate with you and you should do the same. Concerns should be taken care of in house.
  6. Follow Dress Code. Will be set by seniors. Will travel in Tiger Gear.
  7. Workout. During football season you are to lift, in our weight room, at least 2 days per week. One will be part of practice; you are responsible for the second.
  8. Respect. We are a family: you don’t have to always get along with everyone, but you will respect them. The same goes for opposing teams, officials, and non-football members. You are on a first name basis with your coaches, and all of their first names are: Coach. For example, I am Coach Pope.

Tiger Football Captain Requirements

We will have a minimum of 3 captains, and a maximum of 7. Captains must meet the following requirements:

  1. Leadership – On the field, in the classroom, as a person.
    • ​No failing grades
    • No legal issues.
  2. Dedication – Must consistently follow our workout program in our weight room during the off season & must participate in Tiger Football Summer Camp.