School Board

District 2769 School Board Members

Chair: Anthony Ekren

Vice Chair: Matt Johnson

Clerk: Jennifer Goodnough

Treasurer: Kurt Wulf

Director: Mike Odello

Ex-officio: Shane Monson

Director: Renee Konz

Director: Steve Just

School Board Meetings are generally held the third Monday of the month except when there is a holiday (in which case the meeting would be held on the following Tuesday) or when the third

Monday of the month falls on the 15th or 16th of the month (in which case the meeting is typically held the fourth Monday of the month). Meetings are scheduled for 5:30 p.m. in the High School Media Center. 

School Board Meetings are open to the public.  The meeting agenda is posted on the district web site and in the Superintendent’s Office at 201 South Columbia Avenue three days prior to each meeting.  School Board minutes are also posted on the district web site and published in the Morris Sun Tribune.

Communicating with the School Board

The Morris Area School Board understands the value of input from stakeholders in the school district, including students, parents, staff, and community members.  As elected representatives, they are challenged with representing the school district’s stakeholder concerns, direction, and interests about our district’s efforts.

To ensure the effective administration of schools, proper line of authority, and prompt attention to concerns, you are encouraged to initially refer non-policy issues or concerns about an individual or student through the following channels:

  • Teacher/coach/advisor, if appropriate
  • Building principal or other administrator or supervisor
  • District superintendent

There are several ways to communicate with the School Board:

Send an email.

To contact all School Board members, contact Shane Monson, Superintendent, at 320-589-4840 or  Your e-mail may also be forwarded to all School Board members for review.

Attend a School Board Meeting.

At the beginning of every School Board Meeting, audience members are invited to address the School Board regarding an item not listed on the agenda.  This section is titled Visitor Comments/Open Forum, and each person is asked to keep their comments to no more than 3 minutes.

Add item to a School Board Meeting agenda.

If you have an issue that requires more extensive review, please contact Superintendent Shane Monson at or at 589-4840.  During this conversation, you can discuss the potential to be on the agenda for an upcoming School Board Meeting.  Individual School Board Members and the superintendent can also assist district stakeholders in determining when a concern or issue should be directed to the School Board or if it should be referred to the appropriate district staff member.

District World’s Best Workforce Advisory: Steve Just & Kurt Wulf
Midwest Special Education Cooperative: Jennifer Goodnough (Alternate – Steve Just )
Community Education:  Renee Konz
MSHSL/Activities/Athletics/Big Cat: Doug Stahman
Regional Fitness Center:  Anthony Ekren
Wellness: Matt Johnson
Personnel/Meet & Confer: Jennifer Goodnough, Anthony Ekren, & Renee Konz
Negotiations: Non-Licensed: Doug Stahman & Matt Johnson
Licensed: Kurt Wulf & Renee Konz
Finance/Facilities: Doug Stahman, Renee Konz,  & Kurt Wulf
Curriculum/Policy: Jennifer Goodnough, Matt Johnson, & Steve Just
Strategic Planning: Jennifer Goodnough, Anthony Ekren, & Matt Johnson