Homeschool Reporting Information

Homeschoolers do not need to provide school calendars or other curricular samples, quarterly report cards, etc., until the point of transfer into one of your district schools or another school. At that point they need to provide you the information you need to make an informed grade level placement. They also, at that point, need to submit […]

Activity Registration

Documents Registration Guide, Physical Exam, Activity Fee, Activities Guide, and Transportation Form. For the documents you need for Activity or Athletic Registration, click on the button below Online Registration

Advisory Council – Community Education

The Community Education Advisory Council represents the citizens of our School District.   The Advisory Council meets to help identify, coordinate and evaluate the educational, recreational, social and cultural opportunities for district residents of all ages.  Members of the the Advisory Council welcome your ideas, suggestions, concerns and questions. If you would like to become […]


Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (currently called No Child Left Behind) provides funding to school districts to supplement instruction to students who are at-risk for not reaching grade level standards in reading and mathematics.  Funding is based on the percentage of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch.  A portion of […]


Response to Intervention (RtI) / Frequently Asked Questions A.  What is the purpose of RtI?  In simplest form, RtI is one of the tools the school uses to help all children be successful.  RtI assists Morris Area Staff: make a focused effort to identify the needs of a child provide a targeted intervention to support the child […]


Help Schools and Students Grow! We LOVE volunteers at Morris Area Elementary School! Volunteers are becoming increasingly important to today’s school!  Morris Area Elementary School’s goal is to enhance the students’ learning, as well as extend the teacher’s professional skills.  Volunteering offers you the opportunity to be involved in the educational process of the students in our […]